Monday, December 28, 2015

The New 'C'

I did it. I found my new 'C'.  Although I did give in and make a couple of cakes right before Christmas, it's not enough for me to keep the 'cakes' in the name.  I have finally entered the Cricut world and have really started crafting. The crafty level just went up to a whole new level here at the crazy house!  The possibilities are endless with my new toy.

I have also become more self aware over the last year and realize it doesn't really matter what the current 'C' is for me because it is very likely to change the minute it stops being fun.  That's not really ADD for me just the way my brain is wired and I'm finally ok with that.  Some of us you out there are meant to be the realist and some of us are meant to keep wondering about Wonderland.  Welcome once again to my world.

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