Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Projects

Is anyone else wondering where this month went?  It doesn't matter now, we are here and I am so excited for Christmas this year!  I did a few projects and actually got everything shipped off on time...and with us being military our family gets more scattered every year.  I had packages going from GA to OK, AZ, TX, etc...crazy!

Anyway, here are a few projects I finished that were pretty inexpensive and easy to make.  Each is personalized though which I love...of course I didn't get a pic of my nieces gifts, so bummed!  But out there in blog world and Pinterest I saw the $ store cookie sheet idea.  You paint the front with Chalkboard paint, embellish with a ribbon on top and there you go, a cute tray to hang on wall or fridge for notes, etc...except I went a little further and printed out their initials on pretty scrapbook paper and mod-podged  in the middle and added a few decorative magnets.  SO CUTE!  I will have them send me a pic when they open them.

The others are pretty self explanatory. I found some cute, football shaped glasses at the $ store and painted the OU (Oklahoma) letters on the side for my BIL.  Again from Pinterest the $ Store plastic frames with scrapbook paper and post it notes for the Teacher gifts, and the painted canvas' where you put stickers, paint over the whole thing and then peel off the stickers...that one is addictive and I will be making more!

I would love to see some of your projects.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dresser Redo--for FREE!

Hey Everyone, I just finished a project and wanted to share the cuteness.  As we have outgrown our house I keep shifting furniture around and trying to find's getting old, but we are moving in about 7 months so I don't want to buy anything new right now.  I have a space on 'dining area' wall going into kitchen that was bare.  I really need a nice buffet but at this point the kids art supplies and craft stuff have taken over.  My parents found this sturdy wood dresser for me a while back for a good deal. It was super ugly green, and I mean different shades of green on different drawers, like dark hunter green and gray shades!  But it has lots of drawers and that is what I needed.  --Oh man, I just realized I don't have any before pics so you will have to trust me.

I won't go into a lot of detail because I know we all do a lot of repainting and re-purposing.  Basically a light sand, a couple of coats of primer, a couple of coats of white paint and it looked much better!  I wanted to play with an idea though so I kept going...I have this fabric that I made into a panel covering the glass door, recovered a LR lamp shade, and recovered my sewing chair with that has my blues in it and flowers, too cute.  I went with those shapes and made a template on paper of a big petal and the middle circle.  I traced it off center on the dresser and painted it with leftover house paint.  Then I free handed another flower design from the material and same thing.  Final touch, spray painted knobs with some leftover silver I had from redoing the kitchen cabinets.   I love it and you can't beat free!  I painted our dining table too and it really lightens the room, gives it a little whimsy and I love whimsy.  

My paper petal, crafty I know.

What do you think?  Well, I am off to focus on the bathroom I'm stripping of evil, super stuck wallpaper...we are putting the house up for sale/rent and I really need to finish that before I play any more (that's for this week anyway) :)  

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Kitchen Fridge--Drab to Fab!

Hey All,

     I am so excited to finally be done with my kitchen! The stripping of wallpaper and painting cabinets has been done for a year now although I can't find many of my before pics. Let's just say it was a step back to the early 80's with floral wallpaper, cream cabinets and appliances, and to top it off peach and green drapes.  Yuk!  We are redoing on a budget so I am doing most of the work myself with Prince Char doing the heavy lifting.  That was 3 weeks of steaming and cleaning but I love the way it turned out...white cabs, new knobs, turquoise on top, tan on bottom, and much cleaner.  Anyway, this summer we had a pipe break and flooding ruined our floors.  Not what I wanted to deal with but I got pretty new floors, and since they had to rip out sheet rock from the pantry I got to paint that too to match my pretty turquoise walls.
     All that clean up got finished then our dishwasher died, of course.  Well you remember the cream appliances?  No more--we got a black dishwasher and since our stove was also about to die (so I convincingly told the hubby--and really it did start to die a couple of days later) we got a shiny, black stove too.  Now here is the funnest part--we had no money in the budget for a new fridge, so what was I to do?  My oldest daughter's fave show is 'Good Luck Charlie' and they have the coolest fridge.  It is chalkboard on the front and they write all over it! I primed it once and about 3 coats of chalkboard paint on the front and done.  We are just waiting out the 3 day drying time.  But what about the ugly cream sides?  I got that covered, literally.  I was at the $ store a while back and had found this contact paper I loved.  It is circles, I love circles! It was also my blues and tans...perfect!  I bought 3 rolls knowing I would do something with it.  It is now on the sides of the fridge.  What is easier than peel and stick?
     We can't wait to start writing on there!  Menus, schedules, food many choices!

That ugly light fixture is going next.

Thanks for stopping by!~

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SuperHero Birthday Party!

My super sweet Skater boy turned 6!  Time has flown by this last few years.  For his 4th I was in labor with his sister and last year we let Chuck E. Cheese do all the work, so this year we wanted to do our own bash.  Superhero is what he wanted and that is what he got!  We borrowed a friends back yard to make it a swim party.

Pinterest is my new love...I mean addiction!  There are just so many ideas all in one spot!  I could spend hours cruising for ideas.  There are some great Superhero parties on there and I snagged (and copied) a few ideas.  One being the 'city scape' shower curtain as a backdrop...I used it for our picture area.  I made about 30 of the 'No-sew' capes I pinned from a blog and they turned out so cute.  Cheaper than anything I could buy online, they only cost about $3 a person.

I found a super cute 'vintage' theme set on Etsy from Simonemadeit.  It is a digital file that I could customize and print out at home.  That covered his invites and party favors, snack cones, and extras.  He wanted a pinata but we couldn't find one we really liked.  There were only round ones and 1 of Spidermans head, no thanks.  BUT, being close to Halloween--well not really but the stores put stuff out so darn early--we found a smaller one in a bat shape for half the price :)  I just printed out a Batman symbol and mod podged it to the front and there you go, perfect size for a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds.

If it had been an indoor party I probably would have gone over the top...but we were working with a windy day so I did what I could.  The final bit that was the perfect touch...a friend of ours jumping out dressed as Mr. Incredible to 'save the day'!  He posed with the kids for pics and helped with the pinata.  The cake, or no cake, was a piled high plate of cupcakes.  It is funny to me that I make cakes, am known as the cake lady, and my kids don't like cake!  They like my icing and like cakes in small doses but that's it, they prefer ice cream cakes or other desserts...I'm ok with that, less pressure while I am also hosting :)

See all the cute!

Skaterboy picked our shirts
Super snack!

They got to decorate masks and create Super hero names
The Villains of the party.

See the Batman pinata before we hung it?

Posing in their capes!

Even Little Miss M got a hit!

It was a blast but a lot of work.  I'm glad Little Miss M is next and only turning 2...a nice, quiet party at home coming this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A New Store!

A new online store Lake Lady Designs has just opened up by a very talented lady--my Mom!  I am so excited for her!  She has been decorating houses for years and doing all kinds of crazy crafts through the years and we have finally convinced her to start selling.  She truly is a 'jill of all trades' with sewing, painting, designing, making out of nothing, re-purposing kind of woman.  We never know what is going to pop up next.  Now that she has more free time on her hands she is going Crafty Crazy.  She lives on a lake in TX, right on the water.  It is so funny to see the boaters faces when they cruise by her deck.  She now has regulars who come by and see whats new.  Anyway, please check out her Facebook page and check it out...leave her a post if you like anything, it will make her day!  Thank you for checking in with me, be back soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sewing for Summer!

I don't know what happened to Spring, but I only got like one outfit done.  It's ok, I'm moving on to Summer and have been on a roll.  I took a couple of days just for me (go Mom's!) with no running errands or having to be great!....and sewed up a couple of things for my girls and a quick purse for me.

No patterns, just some simple stuff but I had fun and I love my new little summer bag.

I love these kinds of tops but I need more practice.

A little Tinkerbell dress

Love this pillow case top with the shorts!

I still have a couple of pillowcase outfits to knock out and I'm working on a little tag baby blanket today.  I will post more soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House for Sale or Rent

We have a house in DeRidder, LA just out of Fort Polk.  Our renters are moving out July 28th, so it will be available August 1st.  We were just going to rent again but are very open to selling.

Here is the ad on Military by Owner.

But here are the some of these are from when I still lived there.  My renter has since painted the LR, dining area, and master bath and I am waiting on updated pics of those areas but everything else is the same.


spa tub side

2nd bath

2nd bath

kitchen leading into large laundry room and garage

swing set still there