Friday, September 30, 2011

Kitchen Fridge--Drab to Fab!

Hey All,

     I am so excited to finally be done with my kitchen! The stripping of wallpaper and painting cabinets has been done for a year now although I can't find many of my before pics. Let's just say it was a step back to the early 80's with floral wallpaper, cream cabinets and appliances, and to top it off peach and green drapes.  Yuk!  We are redoing on a budget so I am doing most of the work myself with Prince Char doing the heavy lifting.  That was 3 weeks of steaming and cleaning but I love the way it turned out...white cabs, new knobs, turquoise on top, tan on bottom, and much cleaner.  Anyway, this summer we had a pipe break and flooding ruined our floors.  Not what I wanted to deal with but I got pretty new floors, and since they had to rip out sheet rock from the pantry I got to paint that too to match my pretty turquoise walls.
     All that clean up got finished then our dishwasher died, of course.  Well you remember the cream appliances?  No more--we got a black dishwasher and since our stove was also about to die (so I convincingly told the hubby--and really it did start to die a couple of days later) we got a shiny, black stove too.  Now here is the funnest part--we had no money in the budget for a new fridge, so what was I to do?  My oldest daughter's fave show is 'Good Luck Charlie' and they have the coolest fridge.  It is chalkboard on the front and they write all over it! I primed it once and about 3 coats of chalkboard paint on the front and done.  We are just waiting out the 3 day drying time.  But what about the ugly cream sides?  I got that covered, literally.  I was at the $ store a while back and had found this contact paper I loved.  It is circles, I love circles! It was also my blues and tans...perfect!  I bought 3 rolls knowing I would do something with it.  It is now on the sides of the fridge.  What is easier than peel and stick?
     We can't wait to start writing on there!  Menus, schedules, food many choices!

That ugly light fixture is going next.

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  1. Such a fun little addition! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your fridge turned out so great Amie!! Good job :)



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