Thursday, September 29, 2011

SuperHero Birthday Party!

My super sweet Skater boy turned 6!  Time has flown by this last few years.  For his 4th I was in labor with his sister and last year we let Chuck E. Cheese do all the work, so this year we wanted to do our own bash.  Superhero is what he wanted and that is what he got!  We borrowed a friends back yard to make it a swim party.

Pinterest is my new love...I mean addiction!  There are just so many ideas all in one spot!  I could spend hours cruising for ideas.  There are some great Superhero parties on there and I snagged (and copied) a few ideas.  One being the 'city scape' shower curtain as a backdrop...I used it for our picture area.  I made about 30 of the 'No-sew' capes I pinned from a blog and they turned out so cute.  Cheaper than anything I could buy online, they only cost about $3 a person.

I found a super cute 'vintage' theme set on Etsy from Simonemadeit.  It is a digital file that I could customize and print out at home.  That covered his invites and party favors, snack cones, and extras.  He wanted a pinata but we couldn't find one we really liked.  There were only round ones and 1 of Spidermans head, no thanks.  BUT, being close to Halloween--well not really but the stores put stuff out so darn early--we found a smaller one in a bat shape for half the price :)  I just printed out a Batman symbol and mod podged it to the front and there you go, perfect size for a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds.

If it had been an indoor party I probably would have gone over the top...but we were working with a windy day so I did what I could.  The final bit that was the perfect touch...a friend of ours jumping out dressed as Mr. Incredible to 'save the day'!  He posed with the kids for pics and helped with the pinata.  The cake, or no cake, was a piled high plate of cupcakes.  It is funny to me that I make cakes, am known as the cake lady, and my kids don't like cake!  They like my icing and like cakes in small doses but that's it, they prefer ice cream cakes or other desserts...I'm ok with that, less pressure while I am also hosting :)

See all the cute!

Skaterboy picked our shirts
Super snack!

They got to decorate masks and create Super hero names
The Villains of the party.

See the Batman pinata before we hung it?

Posing in their capes!

Even Little Miss M got a hit!

It was a blast but a lot of work.  I'm glad Little Miss M is next and only turning 2...a nice, quiet party at home coming this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by!

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