Monday, December 28, 2015

The New 'C'

I did it. I found my new 'C'.  Although I did give in and make a couple of cakes right before Christmas, it's not enough for me to keep the 'cakes' in the name.  I have finally entered the Cricut world and have really started crafting. The crafty level just went up to a whole new level here at the crazy house!  The possibilities are endless with my new toy.

I have also become more self aware over the last year and realize it doesn't really matter what the current 'C' is for me because it is very likely to change the minute it stops being fun.  That's not really ADD for me just the way my brain is wired and I'm finally ok with that.  Some of us you out there are meant to be the realist and some of us are meant to keep wondering about Wonderland.  Welcome once again to my world.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Young Living Oils

I am a Young Living Essential Oils distributor as well now.  These oils are amazing and have so many uses.  This Summer they have proved their worth in our family...from sore muscles, dropping a bookshelf on my toe, STRESS, getting stains out of new bedspreads, upset little ones sleeping in new rooms, driving 8 hours back and forth to camp, and just for fun throw in a case of raging PMS!, these oils have saved our sanity.   Please let me know if I can tell you more or send you samples.  


After a short break  ...or more like 3 year hiatus, I have decided to jump back into the blogging world...I think, well, at least for now anyway before --shiny!--

Yes, I have a very short attention span.

I am not sure where this will go anyway.  I stopped making all the cakes in '13 when we started training for a Rogue Runner and getting all healthy. Then we moved and decided it would be a good time to start homeschooling.  That was a 6 month location then we moved again to FL.  I was excited to be back in Battalion life and jumped right into FRG our FRG's!  That turned out to be only a year.  :(

So here we are, in TN, 2015. I'm still homeschooling our 3 Crazies, and we are still addicted to Coffee, so 2 out of the 3 in my old blog title are still good to go. 

Coffee, Crazies, & ??? The ocd'ness in me will go nuts until I find my 3rd 'C' or just change the name completely.  Watch out peeps, this may just become a blog full of ramblings of an Army wife...or a coffee crazed, unorganized mom trying to homeschool 3 kids without stunting their full potential of knowledge building success.  I guess we'll see.   

Friday, June 15, 2012

Goosebumps Birthday Party!

Hey Everyone!  We have been a busy bunch, went to Disney, end of school year stuff, and about to move in a week!  We had one more event to pull off, our Diva's 10th birthday party.

This was going to be a special one for her.  We have been here the longest (3 years) and this would be a 'goodbye' to all her friends as well.  We decided to let her have a sleepover...dun, dun, dunnnnn...

The Theme-Goosebumps!  They love the books, funny how those came back around.  Anyway, all year they have read the books and watched the movies so that's what she wanted.

The Problem- Not a lot of Goosebumps anything out there for party supplies!  So we just had to wing it.  Here is what she and I came up with together.

For invites I came up with a 'spooky' theme and rhymes...for some reason the pic cut off that bottom line.  It was 'and who might just get a fright'  It was a hit with the girls, they couldn't wait to see what the 'mystery to solve' was!                                                                     

We cut out 2 big 'G' s from the many boxes we have lying around and covered them with glue and tissue
paper...for Goosebumps!  The Diva loves pink and zebra :)

Our house is already packed up some and boxes are everywhere so we just had to work around little space.  Got the hanging balloon idea from Pinterest, the girls loved it!

  I looked through some free printables , again on Pinterest and found this 'Happy Haunting' bunting one. Thank you TipJunkie!  I printed, cut out, and glued on to construction paper.  Then I just taped it to some black ribbon and hung.

It also had labels for food, our 'Melted Witches' were these spicy pretzels the Diva loves to make.  (get it, witches brooms...I know...)

Our 'Swamp Water' was cherry Koolaid,  Sprite, and rainbow sherbet....we also filled a glove with some water and blue food coloring and froze for a dead hand.... definitely got points with that one!

We also had 'Ogre Snot' which was jello, as well as other snacks.

The last dessert along with brownies was the 'Graveyard Pudding'...I wish I had a bigger bowl but things are packed people.  Anyway, chocolate pudding topped with crushed Oreo's and the printed out tombstones had each girls name.  They used those through the night as 'place cards' for there plates and cups.

Here is the Diva(left) getting a toast from the girls!

I don't have pics but the end of the night we had glow in the dark balloons and then a last card was found.  In it, the 1st clue to solved the mystery....the story of a girl there age who lived here long ago was protecting her final gift, but she and her friends had to follow the clues to find it.  They loved finding the clues I had stashed around the house. (I still have the clues if anyone needs some ideas)  They spent the rest of the night with a pillow fight, playing CLUE, watching movies, and all that craziness!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

I don't know about you guys but we have been hearing about some ornery little Leprechauns running rampant this week.  While Skaterboy was setting a trap for one at our house this morning it looks like the little mischief maker had already been in the kitchen.  All our breakfast was turned green!  Little Miss M must like green food because she put down 3 pancakes all by herself!  Looks like we have a new tradition.

Miss M's

The Trap!

What do you do to celebrate this Irish holiday?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House for Rent in July

Quick post about my house so I can have pictures up somewhere.

Beautiful House, Great Location!
This house is updated and ready to go! New hardwood laminate, and nice tile throughout house, newly painted rooms and kitchen cabinets, new appliances, and new fence! One part of yard fenced off and is great play area for small children. The LG. storage shed has lots of storage space, we use as playroom (carpeted, ceiling fans, window unit ac/heat, sink w/running water, etc...attic, 2 car carport, Split floor plan 3BDR/2BTH, laundry room, fireplace (gas or log), vaulted ceiling in LR, lg closets, Master has separate garden tub & shower, double sink, lots of room. Covered back patio great for entertaining, plus the raised deck on shed adds for extra room. ADT alarm system installed plus window sensors(if you choose to have $40). We are having the outside trim/deck painted soon as well. We are under 2 minutes away from great Elementary school, under 20 to Benning, if you want the quiet neighborhood feel but by all the shopping this is for you! We are planning to be out last day of June so it's ready for July 1st. 1 or 2 year lease would be preferable.  We also prefer no pets but will consider case by case with additional pet deposit.

Living room

view from living room

from dining area into kitchen...could be seating area or buffet but we use as office area.

LG shed, carpeted, water, etc...we use for play room.

Back yard facing area, to the left is shed, right is carport.