Friday, June 15, 2012

Goosebumps Birthday Party!

Hey Everyone!  We have been a busy bunch, went to Disney, end of school year stuff, and about to move in a week!  We had one more event to pull off, our Diva's 10th birthday party.

This was going to be a special one for her.  We have been here the longest (3 years) and this would be a 'goodbye' to all her friends as well.  We decided to let her have a sleepover...dun, dun, dunnnnn...

The Theme-Goosebumps!  They love the books, funny how those came back around.  Anyway, all year they have read the books and watched the movies so that's what she wanted.

The Problem- Not a lot of Goosebumps anything out there for party supplies!  So we just had to wing it.  Here is what she and I came up with together.

For invites I came up with a 'spooky' theme and rhymes...for some reason the pic cut off that bottom line.  It was 'and who might just get a fright'  It was a hit with the girls, they couldn't wait to see what the 'mystery to solve' was!                                                                     

We cut out 2 big 'G' s from the many boxes we have lying around and covered them with glue and tissue
paper...for Goosebumps!  The Diva loves pink and zebra :)

Our house is already packed up some and boxes are everywhere so we just had to work around little space.  Got the hanging balloon idea from Pinterest, the girls loved it!

  I looked through some free printables , again on Pinterest and found this 'Happy Haunting' bunting one. Thank you TipJunkie!  I printed, cut out, and glued on to construction paper.  Then I just taped it to some black ribbon and hung.

It also had labels for food, our 'Melted Witches' were these spicy pretzels the Diva loves to make.  (get it, witches brooms...I know...)

Our 'Swamp Water' was cherry Koolaid,  Sprite, and rainbow sherbet....we also filled a glove with some water and blue food coloring and froze for a dead hand.... definitely got points with that one!

We also had 'Ogre Snot' which was jello, as well as other snacks.

The last dessert along with brownies was the 'Graveyard Pudding'...I wish I had a bigger bowl but things are packed people.  Anyway, chocolate pudding topped with crushed Oreo's and the printed out tombstones had each girls name.  They used those through the night as 'place cards' for there plates and cups.

Here is the Diva(left) getting a toast from the girls!

I don't have pics but the end of the night we had glow in the dark balloons and then a last card was found.  In it, the 1st clue to solved the mystery....the story of a girl there age who lived here long ago was protecting her final gift, but she and her friends had to follow the clues to find it.  They loved finding the clues I had stashed around the house. (I still have the clues if anyone needs some ideas)  They spent the rest of the night with a pillow fight, playing CLUE, watching movies, and all that craziness!

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  1. Thanks so much for all the ideas, Amie! My grand daughter wants a Goosebumps birthday party, and we needed a! I hope the move goes smoothly. It sounds like your family is pretty used to packing and going. God bless.


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