Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skater cake

Whew, this weekend I had a cake for a 10 year old 'skater'.  He was so cool about the design, and let me have full reign as long as it had blue and X games on it somehow.  I learned quite a bit on this one.  One issue I had was my cake mix...too moist and soft, tasted great but doesn't make for good carving.  Anyway, it took about 4 sheets of cake piled up and carved out for the 1/2 pipe.  I put in a few skewers to make sure the sides didn't move too much...dirty iced in and cooled it.  Then a lot of butter cream, a couple of hand painted fondant billboards with cardboard backing, some fondant rails and skull, and some spray paint graffiti later....this is how it came out.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Boring Hoodie turned cutie!

Hi there, ok so I saw the cutest idea when I was cruising craft blogs and knew I had to make this.  The problem is I didn't save the blog so I don't know who to give credit to...I looked all over and can't find it again, dang mommy brain.  So, if you see this and it was you or you know who or where it was, please stick her link on here or message me so I can give credit where it is due.  Found her!!!  The idea is from A bit of sunshine ...whew, feel better now!

Basically, I got to play with the Heat n bond again :)  I used the same fabrics I used for Little Miss M's stuffed owl to dress up a plain sweatshirt hoodie.  I have a couple sitting around from when I found them for a $1 at Target.  I cut an oval for a background, googled an owl shape, cut it out and added a couple of eyes and a beak...ironed it all on the hoodie and there you go...super cute.  But to add an extra touch, I (following the afore mentioned idea) took a strip of material and sewed a tube, did a stitch down the middle to pull and wrinkle up and sewed it around the edge of the hood.  Little Miss M grabbed it as soon as I was done and put it on strutting her stuff.  I think she loves.  It was so easy I was able to knock it out during nap time...if I wasn't distracted catching up with Grey's Anatomy I could have finished another one.  Oh well, that's for another nap.  Thanks for stopping by.

Please excuse the training potty...I had just pulled it out of storage.  So tacky, I know.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Shirt

This is the most fun I have had getting ready for Valentine's yet.  Today is Diva's party and she is ready!  I made this cute shirt for her.  This is my 1st time to do anything like this besides the Tie shirts so I think it turned out pretty cute...remember I am new to the crafting world and not quite sure of my creativity level yet.  It's a whole different thing than cakes :)  Anyway, have I said I love Heat n Bond?!  Well, I do!  I used it on the heart material and even the rick rack stuff around the edge.  Then I just hand stitched the buttons on for a final touch.  We also did a Sweets Jar for her teacher.  I can't wait to deliver that and the cupcakes today.

Friday, February 11, 2011

All Boys Valentine's Party

     Ok, so Skaterboy is in Pre-k and has the cutest class.  It is 6 boys, that's it, 6 boys...God bless their teacher!  Anyway, she wanted them to have a Valentine's party on Thursday and I told her good luck.  She is wonderful though and pulled off a super cute party.  Now for my part...Skaterboy wanted Cake Pops, too easy.  I whipped up a batch of those and started working on gifts.  I has missed out on the Christmas party gift thing, so I wanted to make up for that.  What do you do for all boys though?  I knew there would be bags of candy, maybe some cars, etc...we had found Valentine's that were paper airplanes on sale last year so that was a definite.  I asked Skater and he said the boys liked his 'Tie shirt' and I had some extra white t's lying I made the boys 'Tie shirts' so they could match.  We just rolled them up and put them in brown paper sacks.  The boys were so excited!  We are trying to coordinate a day for them all to wear them for a picture, maybe Mother's day? 
     The teacher gift turned out super cute I think.  I found a couple of glass jar with lids at my favorite junk store.  I grabbed my enamel paint and painted on 'Sweets Jar' and some candy, baked, and filled with candy.  We tied a red ribbon and card around it and called it done.  I love it!

They looked a little messy in the box, but were so good.

I loved this face!

Aren't they too cute?!

Skaterboy and his super sweet teacher

Little Miss M and her Cake Pop!

I'm linking up to It's a Hodgepodge Life , Tatertots and Jello , Be Different Act Normal, The Girl Creative

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Wreath and Mantle (On a Dime)

Hey there!  I am very excited to say that I have decorated for Valentine's Day!  I have never decorated for it before but being new to the Crafting world I have been inspired by my fellow bloggers and had to give it a go.  There was also something very nice about sitting around the table with my Crazies and crafting together instead of watching T.V. or whatever else wasting our time.  They are at that fun age where they want to help and get very creative on their own. 
So, for our 1st time I am very proud of us.  You will see quite the hodgepodge as we just used mostly what was on hand...seriously, like old t-shirts cut up for rosettes, a giant wreath I found at a junk store, cardboard turned into a chalkboard heart, construction paper hearts, crepe paper craziness, etc....

Giant wreath I some burlap, glitter hearts strung up in garland, rosettes from felt and t shirts, and a chalkboard heart...and there you go.

I am in need of some height on this mantle
but haven't found anything I love yet.


My 5 year old son (aka Skaterboy) made this for me, so of course it had to be in the middle. I love it!

Crepe paper rosettes glued onto to styro...time consuming, but love!

This is my little buffet area in dining...we had to put stuff here too.

Well, there you have it...our 1st decorated Valentines...I love the help I got from the kids.  I have to add my daughter (aka Diva) sat down at the table--wielding her 1st glue gun (pink of course) and said "watch out people, I have a glue gun and I'm not afraid to use it."  Got to love it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craft Day at the F House

I have to say this was such a great weekend with Crazies!  Coming off of sickness and a very busy week for Prince Char it was so nice to have nothing to do...except craft.  We even got the Prince in on the action and he pulled out his inner artist.

We made some hand print 'mini canvas' art for my upcoming Valentine's Mantle.  Then Diva and Skaterboy painted pictures to go with the theme.  I worked on (yes, another) chalkboard tray--(can you say addicted?), a wreath (which I am not loving and will have to fix) and a Tie T-shirt for Skaterboy.  I have seen them on the blog world and LOVE!  Skaterboy jumps back and forth between 'skater' and 'preppy' depending on the mood and he is now into ties, but of course doesn't like them tied around his neck so this is perfect!  I may go on a binge and make a ton of them for he and his cousin...just sayin. 

Now the Pièce de résistance....the mailbox!  We just switched ours out for a new one and Skaterboy quickly claimed the old one for himself, not quite sure why.  I think it is supposed to be the dog house for his Pluto.  Anyway, this was he and dad's special project of the day and I think it turned out too cute!  Gotta love it when my guys get into their artistic groove.  And this is how our table looked by the end of the day....I seriously need a bigger table.

Prince is finishing Airborne school this week.

Love it!!!