Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craft Day at the F House

I have to say this was such a great weekend with Crazies!  Coming off of sickness and a very busy week for Prince Char it was so nice to have nothing to do...except craft.  We even got the Prince in on the action and he pulled out his inner artist.

We made some hand print 'mini canvas' art for my upcoming Valentine's Mantle.  Then Diva and Skaterboy painted pictures to go with the theme.  I worked on (yes, another) chalkboard tray--(can you say addicted?), a wreath (which I am not loving and will have to fix) and a Tie T-shirt for Skaterboy.  I have seen them on the blog world and LOVE!  Skaterboy jumps back and forth between 'skater' and 'preppy' depending on the mood and he is now into ties, but of course doesn't like them tied around his neck so this is perfect!  I may go on a binge and make a ton of them for he and his cousin...just sayin. 

Now the Pièce de résistance....the mailbox!  We just switched ours out for a new one and Skaterboy quickly claimed the old one for himself, not quite sure why.  I think it is supposed to be the dog house for his Pluto.  Anyway, this was he and dad's special project of the day and I think it turned out too cute!  Gotta love it when my guys get into their artistic groove.  And this is how our table looked by the end of the day....I seriously need a bigger table.

Prince is finishing Airborne school this week.

Love it!!!

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