Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skater cake

Whew, this weekend I had a cake for a 10 year old 'skater'.  He was so cool about the design, and let me have full reign as long as it had blue and X games on it somehow.  I learned quite a bit on this one.  One issue I had was my cake mix...too moist and soft, tasted great but doesn't make for good carving.  Anyway, it took about 4 sheets of cake piled up and carved out for the 1/2 pipe.  I put in a few skewers to make sure the sides didn't move too much...dirty iced in and cooled it.  Then a lot of butter cream, a couple of hand painted fondant billboards with cardboard backing, some fondant rails and skull, and some spray paint graffiti later....this is how it came out.

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