Friday, February 11, 2011

All Boys Valentine's Party

     Ok, so Skaterboy is in Pre-k and has the cutest class.  It is 6 boys, that's it, 6 boys...God bless their teacher!  Anyway, she wanted them to have a Valentine's party on Thursday and I told her good luck.  She is wonderful though and pulled off a super cute party.  Now for my part...Skaterboy wanted Cake Pops, too easy.  I whipped up a batch of those and started working on gifts.  I has missed out on the Christmas party gift thing, so I wanted to make up for that.  What do you do for all boys though?  I knew there would be bags of candy, maybe some cars, etc...we had found Valentine's that were paper airplanes on sale last year so that was a definite.  I asked Skater and he said the boys liked his 'Tie shirt' and I had some extra white t's lying I made the boys 'Tie shirts' so they could match.  We just rolled them up and put them in brown paper sacks.  The boys were so excited!  We are trying to coordinate a day for them all to wear them for a picture, maybe Mother's day? 
     The teacher gift turned out super cute I think.  I found a couple of glass jar with lids at my favorite junk store.  I grabbed my enamel paint and painted on 'Sweets Jar' and some candy, baked, and filled with candy.  We tied a red ribbon and card around it and called it done.  I love it!

They looked a little messy in the box, but were so good.

I loved this face!

Aren't they too cute?!

Skaterboy and his super sweet teacher

Little Miss M and her Cake Pop!

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