Friday, February 18, 2011

Boring Hoodie turned cutie!

Hi there, ok so I saw the cutest idea when I was cruising craft blogs and knew I had to make this.  The problem is I didn't save the blog so I don't know who to give credit to...I looked all over and can't find it again, dang mommy brain.  So, if you see this and it was you or you know who or where it was, please stick her link on here or message me so I can give credit where it is due.  Found her!!!  The idea is from A bit of sunshine ...whew, feel better now!

Basically, I got to play with the Heat n bond again :)  I used the same fabrics I used for Little Miss M's stuffed owl to dress up a plain sweatshirt hoodie.  I have a couple sitting around from when I found them for a $1 at Target.  I cut an oval for a background, googled an owl shape, cut it out and added a couple of eyes and a beak...ironed it all on the hoodie and there you go...super cute.  But to add an extra touch, I (following the afore mentioned idea) took a strip of material and sewed a tube, did a stitch down the middle to pull and wrinkle up and sewed it around the edge of the hood.  Little Miss M grabbed it as soon as I was done and put it on strutting her stuff.  I think she loves.  It was so easy I was able to knock it out during nap time...if I wasn't distracted catching up with Grey's Anatomy I could have finished another one.  Oh well, that's for another nap.  Thanks for stopping by.

Please excuse the training potty...I had just pulled it out of storage.  So tacky, I know.


  1. This is so so cute!! Great idea! (And the model is darling too ;)

  2. I love this idea! You may be interested in my latest kiddo clothes tutorial, it's how to make reversible (and super girlie!) trousers.

  3. eek! I LOVE it, oh my gosh so cute thank you so much for sharing!!! And the ruffles on the hood, I just love ruffles it puts the cuteness over the edge! Thanks for linking to me and for saying hello your blog is darling! xo


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