Friday, October 29, 2010

Grandma Dot's carrot cake

My husband's grandmother is known for her cakes and pies.  Every time we visit she makes a carrot cake, or pulls 1 from her freezer (yep, still awesome).  We live to far away now to just pop in, and I have been craving this cake for a week now.  I have never attempted this one before but found her recipe in my stash.  I went for it and it was amazing!  I should have let it cool properly but was too impatient for that.  Instead I threw the pans in the freezer for a few minutes then pried the cakes out, so my layers turned out a little uneven(but really, who's looking at that).  I made Dot's cream cheese icing with chopped pecans and spread it on when it was still warm. 

One trick I learned for sure...don't serve warm!  We couldn't wait and dug in and it was very good, but it tasted more like baked sweet carrots.  The next day however after being in the fridge over night, it had time to set up in it's yummy goodness.  Served cold with coffee or milk was so much better.  I already have people begging for more.  This may have to become a new regular.

This is a triple layer 6" round and made well over 14 huge servings!

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