Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gift Ideas

I am playing around with some ideas trying to get my Christmas gifts ready.  Remember I am new to crafting so I have to play a lot...sometimes a few times before I get things the way I like them.  Anyway I wanted to paint some glasses for someone with some theme, just no idea where I wanted to start.  So I practiced on some for my Crazies at home.  I got some glasses from the $ store, some Folk Art gloss paint from Hobby Lobby and some stencils and here you go.

I tried blue paint first but it was so transparent and I didn't have the patience to see how many coats it would take.  Then the paint kept slipping through the stencils or moving around before it dried and messing me finally I used a dry erase marker and drew on with stencil and hand painted.  It's not perfect, but I'll take it.  I have a small set of 4 I am thinking of doing with red snowflakes for someone, we'll see how that turns out.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I think they look great! Aren't you just turning into a little Martha Stewart! Way to go Amie!


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