Friday, January 7, 2011

Slow Living

     It is January 7th and we are a full week into the new year.  Yesterday was also my(and Prince Char's) 14th Wedding Ann. so we are really starting off with a bang.  Each year we have a Family Motto.  It is just something short and easy to remember for the kids to help us stay focused and remember our goals for the year.  The year the Army moved us 5 times in 9 months it was 'adjust on the run'.  I remember my 5 year old repeating that to herself a few times.  This year it is all about slowing down and de-cluttering our lives.  Slow Living, Clean Living, Good Living...sounds good right?  We want to get rid of the excess 'stuff', debt, business, and go back to slow family dinners, quiet evening time playing games, reading, etc...I know it sounds old fashioned, but really time is going so fast.  Now that I have been through a 15 month deployment, several moves, some medical scares and God saw us through all of it to His glory I want to slow down and enjoy the view of my family even more. 
     My personal goal is to be more disciplined.  Disciplined with my time, money management, even my crafting and cakes, which in past has been a little difficult for me.  I need to pour in deeper in my quiet time with the Lord and see what He wants me to do this year in writing, serving, wherever.  I will not try not to craft or bake until the house is cleaned first and the 'have to's' are done for the day(except laundry...I hate laundry).  Priorities people!  I will try to save money on my grocery bill...I am not a couponer but may need to try that, we'll see. I mean, I still plan on having a super fun and CRAZY filled year after all. I need finish trim in kitchen, finish decorating Little Miss M's room, redo 2 bathrooms and paint 2 bedrooms, and tackle a few outside projects on my little house.  Oooh, and get new appliances in the kitchen, tackle the storage room and have a massive garage sale....I think that is it for now(see, crazy!). I love that in the blogger world I won't be going alone...welcome to my journey!  Let's see where the road takes us...please join in, what are you up to this year?


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  2. Amie,

    Welcome to Slow Living! It sounds like you would like to streamline things in your life to make it easier to focus on what really matters to you.

    We wrote an essay on making a Simple Plan that may be of help.

    It is one of many essays on our Slow Living Blog about ways to live a slower life.

    You already seem to know the most important part, enjoying your family and being grateful.


    Eric Storm


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