Sunday, January 22, 2012

Family Strong...old writings.

I found our old blog and linked back to my was nice to go back and read the posts and see what God has done in our lives.  We started 'Family Strong' when Charming joined the Army as a place for our families and  friends to keep up with us.  Of course this was all Facebook was created....that started a whole new trend didn't it?  Still I'm glad we have it.  There are a few testimonies from me and Charming and it's awesome to be reminded of our 'call' once in a while.  It was a big move to leave our Church in Cali and enter the Army adventure that is now our life.  We miss our lives in that ministry...leading a group of people to greater experience God and all He has for us and the world around us...but we love where we are now. To be able to be a part of such an old tradition and truly 'living life' with those around us, ministering to them, being with them though moves, deployments, hardships, injury's, safe arrivals back home, etc...has been such an amazing experience.  We have grown and learned so much and know God has a plan for our future.  While we hope to one day get back into a church and truly lead a revival and ignite a city(and bigger) on fire for the Lord, we will continue to draw near, seek, move forward here where He has us and keep living our 'Army Adventure.'

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