Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have finally got the organizing bug!  We are set to move in July, so it's too early to start packing (even though I really want to start!) I have had to come up with something to keep me motivated (besides getting this house ready to rent out).  And with my new love (obsession) Pinterest there are so many ideas out there...I could cruise all day for inspiration. 

I have decided to tackle one room/area a day and get the house as organized as possible.  One, it will make it easier when it is time to pack up and two, if I get a good system down now we will all be used to it so it will work right into the new house.  Always thinking :) 

A running theme on these amazingly organized Pinterest people is baskets...lots of baskets, fancy or not, plastic, rubber, wicker, with handles or whatever works but lots of baskets!  

I recently finished my Fridge and Pantry redo!  I am so excited to show you.  The Fridge idea came from I think this link... for the baskets which I found at Walmart (they had smaller ones at Target).  And for the Pantry...This blog has a ton of ideas!...I found a bunch of the rubber buckets with handles at the Dollar Tree. Then these Sites had Free labels! I kind of smushed the ideas together and did what worked for my space and my stuff.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  

Before...the mess! and what you don't see, a storage container on the other side of the kitchen so I always had to go back and forth and dig in the drawers for some of my baking supplies.  Now it is all in one place and I can find what I need!

with the labels on...

and the fridge with the baskets with handles.

love these, you can just pull out what you need to make lunches, or the condiments for 'burger night' ...all in one place.

I also broke down all the snack boxes like cheese its, flip crackers, animal crackers, etc...and put them into snack bags.  Now they are in the 'lunch box snacks' bucket...easy to grab and toss into lunch box.  And I don't have a fancy machine (I really want one!) and my sticker machine is even out of laminate so I had to get crafty.  I cut out the printed labels and put them between layers of the clear package laminated them just fine.  It didn't take as long as I thought (you know, overwhelmed for a minute with most of our food pulled out onto the kitchen floor with my 2 year old rummaging around pulling out old candy) and it was worth it.  What areas are you reorganizing? I would love more tips!


  1. Looks wonderful!! Love the baskets with handles ... never seen those before! May just be investing in some of them soon! Job well done! :)

  2. Ohhh!!! I just bought some of those baskets with handles! I got them 'cause I thought they were cool but didn't have a plan for them! Thanks for the idea! Come and visit me at my blog

  3. Hi! Visiting from tt&j. Ohhhh.. I need to do this! My pantry looks horrible. Thanks for the inspiration to get my rear in gear :)

    Im going to poke around your site some more.. if you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party :)


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