Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I mentioned last post that Little Miss M loves her 'fuzzies'.  Any kind of soft and cuddly blanket for that matter but her favorite is a mini-blanket.  It's the size of a burp cloth but with the soft, fancier material.  I love that she can carry it around easier and nap with it because it can't get wrapped around her.  I ordered hers from a local crafter but thought I would try one on my own.  A friend had a baby shower last weekend and I thought this would make the perfect gift to go along with the nursing cover I had made for her.  I love having crafty friends...my friend Lauren over at BeginswithL.etsy.com makes the most adorable children's clothing and other things...seriously, go check her out.  She keeps Miss M very stylishly dressed.  Anyway, I called and asked her to whip up a nursing cover for her and she did!  Isn't that so pretty?

Nursing cover

And here is my fuzzy....so easy, done in about 15 minutes.  I just cut my material, pinned it together, sewed, turned inside out.  Next time I will embellish more, add a ribbon, or initial or something but I was pressed for time.  I think these are such cute baby gifts.  I will be making some to keep on hand around here.


  1. What!?! You're blogging again & didn't stop by for a visit!

  2. Hey Michelle! I'm sorry, I will pop over for a visit. Good to see you!


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