Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving All! 

I had so many plans and projects I wanted to have ready for today.  I had crafts for the kids to do for our table, a runner I wanted to make, etc...It just didn't get done.  I realized quickly that my kids were tired and just needed a break this week.  I understand, between school and homework, the activities during the week, everyone could use some downtime.  This is also the 1st Thanksgiving we have spent home this year doing our own thing and I'm not sure we know what we want to do yet.  I would love to have all these traditions built in already but we are military and move a lot.  Also, my children are really just getting to the age that we can start some fun things like that.  With all that said, I shook off the mom guilt and went with what I had...and you know, I think it worked out just fine.  I do think if my husband doesn't bring home flowers today that I might torture my kids just a little and have them cut out paper leaves to write what we are thankful for to put in the empty pumpkin in the middle of the table.  I think the kids are really hoping for the flowers :)  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

P.S. I got the flowers :)  I think they made such a difference!  Just the pop of color we needed.

Please ignore the burnt rolls!

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