Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tie-Tab Blanket

We made these a lot a few years ago.  They make great gifts for all occasions and are so easy to make.  I would even get my husband in on the action while we hung out and watched movies.  My youngest daughter doesn't have one yet, and she really loves her 'fuzzy' blankets.  I found some really cute fleece material on sale and here you go. 

In case you aren't sure how to make one...I spread my material out on the floor, 1 layer of the print fleece and 1 layer of plain coordinating fleece.  There is 1 side that is 'stretchier' than the other so I make sure they are facing the same way, stretchy sides together and then trim off the excess so they are the same size.  Also 'right' sides you tie it is how it stays.  I grab a piece of cardboard and cut it into a square with 4" on 1 side and 5" on the other.  This is to cut out the corners. 
The 5" side is for the non-stretchy side and the 4" is for the stretchy side (since they will give more when tied).  Then start cutting tabs up the sides of the material about a thumbs width apart all the way around.  Then double tie, not too tight, double tie all the way around.  I like to make sure I 'tie' the same way so it is all even, like on this one I always looped the brown thru.  See how the brown is always on top after tie?
When I get close to the end of 1 side I stop and skip over and do a few knots on the other row...I find that it helps it not to bunch up on the corners.  Finish up, then shake it out and give it a little stretch on the corners and done!  Super quick and easy blanket.  Little Miss M loves it!

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  1. I love these kinds of blankets. They are so soft and snugly. Love the colors too.
    April from


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